Torture Torture

I'm off to subject myself to untold torture this morning. I broke the corner of my tooth, so now I'll be dragged kicking and screami...

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4:21 PM

It'll be all white.... It'll be all white....

...with a few unexpected hits of blue thrown in for good measure. What will? My beach house, of course. I found this stunner some time ago, ...

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6:52 PM

My Australia Day My Australia Day

After all the recent dramas here in Queensland, it was nice to get away and appreciate just how amazing this country of ours really is. We l...

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5:32 PM

Into the blue...and jogging my memory Into the blue...and jogging my memory

It's no secret that I love me a bit of blue. Indigo, cobalt, azure, turquoise, 'em all. So when I saw this month'...

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12:01 PM

Back in Blogland again Back in Blogland again

I must apologize for my absence over the past week or so. Personally, I've found it really hard to post about pretty houses when so many...

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8:17 PM

Queensland Flood Appeal - Bloggers unite! Queensland Flood Appeal - Bloggers unite!

This blogging community never ceases to amaze me. I have truly never met such a supportive and generous bunch in my life, and in times of ne...

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12:29 AM

Digella's Baked Relief Digella's Baked Relief

Just popping in quickly this morning to say a heartfelt thank you for all your messages and well-wishes. We're so thankful to be safe an...

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5:51 PM

Nature's fury Nature's fury

 no way out of our suburb yesterday  our street Thinking of everyone in Brisbane today.

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11:55 PM

Changes afoot Changes afoot

It's a new week and I'm back in work mode (well sort of, anyway). I have lots of renovation plans for the year, so yesterday I brave...

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5:37 PM

2011 - Bring it On! 2011 - Bring it On!

Instead of the usual 'resolutions' this year, I've decided to try something different. You see, I'm the sort of person who a...

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3:14 PM