Well, it only took this gal a few months of cleaning, picture taking and hours of product sourcing, but it is DONE!  I am so excited to finally have an updated Home Tour that reflects all of the hard work we have put into our abode!

The photos are a pretty accurate reflection of our home before Christmas.  Up until we put a giant hole in the wall and applied for a permit to renovate our kitchen.  You can check out the plans for the space here.

Then life gave us a clue that we needed to slow down and take the rest of the year off.  So that is what we did.

However, we had already been emptying our cabinets and kitchen to prepare for the renovation.  Half of our furniture was in the kitchen/living room, the other half was in our guest bedroom along with a makeshift pantry.  Pile on Christmas and we honestly lost control of our home.

But just last week we finally decided it is now or never.  So we spent a day tearing out that wall!!

Um, guys!  We tore out the wall! 

When we start a project, we are typical "go getters", so it was a real eye opener on the first day when we couldn't finish demo due to electrical and plumbing that we didn't feel comfortable moving.  I realized then and there that as much as we want to just get things done, we will be doing a lot of waiting on others in-between things we can do.  Waiting on plumbing before we can remove the sink cabinet.  Waiting on electrical before we can pull the final few studs (per a call with our home builder, the wall is not load bearing, everything is supported within the trusses).  Waiting on electrical before we can install the ceiling planks and patch portions of our walls.  Waiting on the custom island and then the counters.  There will be a lot of hurry up and wait happening around here.  But it is finally happening and I am thrilled!

Since last week, we were also able to have our plumber remove the kitchen sink so all of the cabinets are now officially out!  And our little Peyton chipped away every last piece of backsplash tile.  We have also removed all of the flooring, and have spent the previous 4 nights pulling 755,475,324,159 staples, only to be about halfway done.  Anyone want to come help?  It is really invigorating stuff. #sarcasm

So things are definitely happening over here at a very turtle pace.  And it is very exciting, but I am feeling really ready to start installing.  Fingers crossed we will have more progress to share within the next few days.

Anyway.  During the lull and while we figure out how to get organized through this giant mess we are making, I decided that I should probably get my home tour updated.  It was so incredibly outdated and I apologize that I slacked on that over the past year.  I spent a lot of time re-photographing many of the spaces, as well as going through all of the new photos and sourcing most of the objects and paint colors.

The best part is that it reminded me of the potential that our home has to be awesome because right now it is in complete chaos.  Working on the images was definitely motivation to stay giddy about the renovation light!

Thank you to those of you who gave me a few topic ideas for in-between kitchen updates.  And as much as I thought I wouldn't be doing many side projects or organizing during the big reno, I am already getting the itch to get my hands dirty while we wait in limbo... It is a sickness!  I will also be sharing some kitchen progress live on Instagram here.

Again, you can check out the freshly updated (already outdated) home tour here.  Happy Friday everyone!