I knew that I really loved the Mr. & Mrs. DIY gold foil art that we created for our master bedroom update, but I didn't realize just what a hit it would be with many of you fine folks as well!

Thank you all for your excitement and interest in the project, I am finally back with the tutorial.  However, because I didn't snap photos of the process the first time around, I decided to make even more of the fabulous foil art for the holidays.

I did use my Silhouette for the project, but it really just made it a smidge easier.  Anyone can do something similar with the real secret weapon behind the art.

Silhouette sells double-sided adhesive sheets, you can also find them here on Amazon.  I LOVE this stuff!  Think double stick tape, but on a full page scale!  For this project I also use sheets of gold foil, a brush and a pokey tool, which is my technical word for it.  I also pictured a pair of scissors because if you don't have a die cutting machine, scissors work to cut out any shape or design you wish.

I decided to create two gold foil art pieces to mix in a grouping of six frames; be merry, be bright!

Now, what makes this stuff so great is that once you peel off the back, it becomes sticky.  So I peeled the back of only the lettering, and adhered it to black cardstock.

I then peeled the top layer, which now made the top of the letters sticky as well!

Being left with an exposed sticky surface, I then placed pieces of the gold foil over the entire set of lettering.

I lightly rubbed the foil over the lettering and then used a dry bristle brush to remove the excess foil.

A slightly scratchier brush bristle seemed to give the foil a little extra texture and shimmer.

Gah!  So pretty!!

While I was making holiday frame ready pieces, I decided to add a second option to our playroom.  For this one, I just used my computer / printer to print out the silhouette of a deer onto regular white cardstock paper.

I printed it in red because I was planning to add red glitter to the top, which would give it some shimmer.  Using the fine tip of craft glue, I filled in the entire contents of the deer silhouette.  If you don't have fine tip glue, a small craft paint brush would also work to spread the glue.

The entire deer was doused in glitter!  Now that is something I can party with!  Once dry, I popped it in a simple frame and added it to the boy's playroom shelves.

Random tip:  Use a small piece of mounting putty to prevent your ornament bulbs from rolling around.

And here is a sneak peak at the other two prints framed in our lower level living area.

We finally have all of our furniture moved around and are about 75% done with our Christmas decorating, so fingers crossed I will have much more to share within the next day or two.  If only I can keep my little guys awake long enough to finish things up in their playroom... they like to sleep on the job.