You all know how much I personally heart a pretty paper project.  Decorative paper can make anything fun and fabulous!  I especially love how it allows you to repurpose everyday items or upgrade inexpensive finds, into something that you want to look at and use.  Aniko, from Place of My Taste, found the most beautiful paper and created sweet and simple storage that she uses at her desk, however, I also envision it being great in an entryway, bedroom or bathroom.  Here she is now to share the details of her quick and easy yet oh-so-gorgeous and budget friendly storage project.

Hello Everyone! It's Aniko from Place Of My Taste and I am so thrilled to be here again today. I am still humbled to be among such amazing and talented ladies on the iHeart Organizing team. Back in October, on my debut here, I shared a wonderful jewelry organizer with you all, and today I will show you how I prettied up a plain $1 compartment container with gorgeous wrapping paper to brighten up my office desk and organize my small desk accessories. When it comes to organizing, I always try to bring in style and color to the space I am working on. Last fall I took the One Room Challenge and was challenged to make over a room in 6 weeks. I chose my really cluttered, unorganized and unfinished office space. I planed every little detail out and I can probably proudly say that 90% of the planned projects were finished.

Here is a quick image for you to get an idea how my office/craft room looks like right now, so you can vision my new pretty desk organizer in my space.

Target is my favorite one stop shop. I know, yours too, right? I think Target was pretty smart to add The One Spot section right at the door. Sometimes I don't even make it further as I can find so many fabulous things there. That is where I picked up this inexpensive, $1 plastic compartment container a couple months ago, saying, "I am sure I can use this for something".  Story of my life!

I also picked up this oh my goodness gorgeous flower wrapping paper while in the store. As soon as I spied this paper from distance, I knew that "she" will come home with me. Loving the colors and the watercolor effect.

Things I used:
  • gorgeous flower wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • $1 compartment container
  • school glue
  • paintbrush
  • pencil

This was a 10 minute quick transformation. First I took off the lid from the plastic compartment container and traced the shape on the back of the wrapping paper. Then, I repeated and cut out 4 little pieces to cover the inside of the container. I applied glue on my paintbrush and brushed the glue on the lid as well as the bottom of the container. Smoothed the wrapping paper slowly with my hand.

That is it my dears!

Quick, easy, inexpensive and gorgeous little container/organizer makeover.

While I was on roll with organizing my washi tapes and paper binder clips to my container, I quickly prettied up my paper binder clips with my golden washi tape. Simple yet very decorative fix.

15 minutes later I had the perfect little organizer container dressed up for my tiny office accessories.

Here is how my darling organizer shows on my desk. What do you think?

If you would like to see more of this office room, come tour my Office Room/Craft Room Reveal.

Well, I hope that I inspired you to create something beautiful for your home, for yourself or for a friend. Inspiration is everywhere! Will be back in a few months... until then come and see what I am working on currently or come grab a yummy 15 minute recipe.  Cheers!

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