Now that our cabinets are in place, we plopped down a board to act as a temporary counter for meal prep!  Exciting things are happening!  And with meal prep and leftovers, we occasionally use various types of food wrap.  Looking for a quick storage solution, I decided to give something a try...

All I needed for this project was a wood dowel purchased from the home improvement store, as well as some flexible Command Hooks.

The key was using Command Hooks that can adjust, to allow for the different sized boxes. 

I have seen dowels used for storage below cabinets in the past, however, not knowing for sure if this is something we want to use forever (especially on new cabinet doors), we decided to use the Command Strips as a less permanent option.

The food wrap boxes tend to have punches at the ends to hold the roll of the wrap in place inside of the box, which is where I inserted the dowel.

I decided to stain the dowels with some stain I had on hand.  The dowel shouldn't come in contact with the food wrap, so it should be food safe.

Then I just popped the dowel/food wrap onto the Command Hooks which gave instant access to any food wrap we need while cooking/baking... with our toaster oven.  Awesome.

To ensure that the hooks hold the weight of the wrap OK, I followed the application directions and allowed the Command Strip to cure to the door prior to placing weight on the hook.  We have been pulling on them for a few days now and everything has stuck without issues.

I also thought I would make things a little more pretty, and wrapped one of the boxes with gift wrap.  And then I asked myself what I was doing, and decided I had other things I should be doing with my time.  Ha!

I am not sure if these will "stick" around once we start loading up the cabinets and really assess our kitchen storage and organizational needs, but for now, we are enjoying the quick access and as you know, I can't resist sharing a quick and helpful organizational tip!

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