Tomorrow is tax day and I have spent a lot of time this past few weeks doing bookkeeping and reconciling.  After a day or two of filtering through documents and receipts, I knew I needed a handy little helper next to my laptop while I worked. 

I went to my local office supply store and picked up a document sized stand-up sign holder and a few binder bands (although any rubber bands would do).

I eventually added a few paperclips/butterfly clips to the board as well.  The goal was to essentially create a standing clipboard to hold my documents and receipts at eye level while I logged items into my business expense system.

I started by filling the frame with decorative paper, and then adding the bands and binder clips.  This little project was as simple as it gets.

It really helped my desk time go much faster to have key checklists and papers I needed to reference frequently, tucked beneath the band.  I then clipped temporary items, such as receipts, to the top of the board.

Because I do paperwork all year long, this desk pal will come in handy time and time again.

What I really love about this sweet little idea, is that the ways of using this single stand around the home are endless.  In fact, I played around with some kitchen uses and have convinced myself to add another one there.

It is the perfect counter message station, which can be tucked away when cleaning up for company, but can stay out for day-to-day family life stuff.

Above I used it to hold a recipe and attach a reminder to set the crockpot at lunch.  Below I used it to hold my weekly shopping list and meal planning docs.  The best part about the bands and clips is that you can also add any small office supplies to the board as well (pens, scissors, calculator, etc...), keeping everything in a single spot.

In fact, the more bands you add, the more functional the little message station becomes.

Use a butterfly clip to attach a small notepad to the top and use the bands to hold important notes, reminders, coupons and receipts.

And if it is not awesome enough for you yet, it also triples as a dry-erase board!  Great for leaving family messages.

Also great for allowing your kiddos to practice their writing and math homework.  Or their love note skills.

So there you have it.  A traveling message center that can serve many uses around your home, yet doesn't take up much space and can be put away between uses. 

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