Hello and happy Monday friends!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  We started our built-ins this weekend so I will have some progress for you soon.  I appreciate you hanging in there in-between bigger updates.  With me not feeling well paired with working on some larger DIY's, posting has been a little more sparse.  Hopefully things get back to normal in the next week or two around here.

As our living room comes together, I have been starting to think about some of the smaller touches.  The living room will still house our television and components, so of course that also means we will have a few remote controls on our hands.  I have tried boxes and baskets for remotes, but they always end up lost, so this time I thought I would keep things "clear" for everyone.

We have remotes of different shapes and sizes, so I was on the hunt for something that could accommodate those needs.  Well, you know my love for acrylic.  The moment I spotted a desktop organizer and saw all of the compartments in various sizes, I knew it was just what we needed.

And it was!  Plus, knowing that it will live on a shelf near our television, I also wanted to be able to toss a few current magazines, a notepad and some reading glasses into the mix.  Easiest solution ever; acrylic desktop organizer = awesome remote control living room caddy organizer.

You can find acrylic organizers just about anywhere these days.  Amazon and HomeGoods are my "go to" spots, but Container Store and most office supply stores carry them as well.

All could have been left alone, but I spotted these little legs and couldn't wait to add them to the mix.  You know, just to take things up a decorative notch.

Hello spray paint season!  Oh, how I have missed you!!

Using my favorite gold spray paint, the legs instantly looked ultra glam.

A little clear E6000 glue later....

The glue cures pretty quickly and should provide an ultra strong hold.  The legs are pretty universal and should fit most corners without issue.  The possibilities are really endless, I have about three trays I am also eying up for this project.

Our TV shelves are not ready for me yet, but I couldn't help but toss a few items into the organizer to show how much it can hold and how versatile the storage can be.

Hopefully having all of the remotes in one easy to see and access place, will prevent us from losing them so frequently.  OK, who am I kidding, they grow legs in the night and walk off no matter what.  But at least they will look intentionally stored between uses!