Do you work from bed?  I have to admit that I do on occasion.  One thing I have realized is that having a work-from-home job can make it challenging to manage time efficiently and set "office hours".  I am completely guilty from working from bed on occasion, whether I am under the weather or checking in at the end of the day.  In fact, it is when I do a lot of my list making and planning for the following day and is a nice way to unwind and let go of thoughts before I head to sleep.

I toss many of work belongings in an open basket next to my bed, but I am swooning over Ursula's bedside office solution.  Ursula's blog, Home Made by Carmona, is jam packed with inspirational DIY's and organizational ideas.  I love seeing where many of those ideas are formed.  Here she is now!

Hello there IHeart Organizing Readers! It is lovely to be here again!

I'm so excited to share with you my latest project. I've decided to "treat" myself and give my master bedroom a makeover...finally! And boy was it a dramatic makeover! You know how it is, you leave the bedroom for last since no one else sees it. Well the reality is that my bedroom often acts as my office (because truly nothing is lovelier than blogging from a cozy bed), as well as a sanctuary. When you are a homeschooling mom to three energy filled girls, a getaway at the end of the day is mighty important! Now that my bedroom has gotten a makeover, it's time to move my work materials back in and make my side table function at peak capacity so I can stay on top of my work.

If you also like to handle work (or hobby) related tasks from your bed, here are a few tips to keep you on track and organized at your bed side.


Art is beautiful, but have you ever thought it could also be functional? To keep on track nothing is more helpful than a quick glance calendar. One you don't have to pull out of your purse, or a drawer to know what the big appointments/reminders are.

Because it is framed in glass, one option is to write notes on it with a dry erase marker, and the other is my favorite choice, sticking little post-it notes with reminders!

Making your own Simple Art Calendar is easy, but if you like mine, you can learn how to get these printables here, and find all the steps to make your own. Because it is not by day-of-the week, but rather by date, you never have to change it.

Maybe because my little world is driven by what inspires me, or maybe because I just like pretty things, I believe every work space (whether in the bedroom or office) should have an inspiration board. This is where you can pin the things that help define your style and motivate your vision. Or if that isn't your thing, it is really just a corkboard, so pin up your to-do lists, shopping lists, and more.


I confess, I'm only as organized as my knick-knacks! They is just inevitable. Some of them are necessary little office items I need for work and play, others are those random odds-and-ends from the last couple projects that I haven't yet figured out what to do with. Give them a nice little home...a limited time home, but an organized one!

Think outside the office supply store when seeking organizing solutions. I went digging in the kitchen supply department for my knick knack holder, a.k.a. wooden egg crate.


Again, it is helpful to think outside of the office department when searching for the perfect storage solutions. Bathroom tumblers make great writing implement storage. They have little rubber stops at the bottom, so if you wanted to place them inside a side table drawer they won't move around. I also love using sleek kitchen dishes as a catch-all for side table items such as change, keys, etc...


According to a survey I read recently, most people either do their bills from their office at work, or from their bedside. That means you will need a letter holder, something to help organize your mail and keep the bills from getting lost until they can be attended to. I made this wood cut mail organizer from a log... Simple, modern, chic, and effective!


Take a tip from my husbands bedside table. Sometimes you just need storage to be hidden behind closed doors... Well, closed drawers. Give up the top drawer of your bedside table for that magazine you haven't had a chance to read yet, your journal, and more. Before, his side of the bed would get very dusty (and he wasn't happy if I moved his stuff to dust), and now we keep his things in his top drawer and the bedside table top free... Well, minus a clock and a few dishes to collect his keys and change. It is a huge improvement!

I hope these tips help you craft your bedside into the perfect "work away from work" space, or at least help you get in perfect order to meet all your needs!

"Hi, I'm Ursula and I blog at Home Made by Carmona where there is always a fun DIY project in play. I've got expensive taste and no money, I'm a neat freak who's house didn't get that memo, and I firmly believe organization has the power to improve our homes, habits, and the members that abide there! I'm so thrilled to be here at IHeart Organizing, the blog that first inspired me to start my own blogging journey."