I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were scheming a little master bedroom refresh.  It was initially inspired by a pretty new piece of artwork my eyes landed on... and it has spiraled into a lot of delightful updates and mini projects.

As we put more and more heart into this mini makeover, Bryan and I decided that since we don't typically purchase gifts for one another during birthdays or holidays, that we would invest a little extra into the room to finally get it to a more grown up and sophisticated version of us.  Up until this point, the room was good.  A little hod podgy, but there was a lot we liked about it.  Ultimately, it just needed to be streamlined, decluttered and livened up with a modified color palette.

To keep me on track, I pulled everything together to create a plan for the space.

The artwork was the item that inspired it all.  I loved that it was calming and splashed with many of the colors we already use throughout our home.  I purchased it from Minted here.

The nightstands and bed were not changing, just some tweaks to the linens to pull everything together.  I pulled out our white comforter which instantly simplified and freshened up the entire room.  The color would come in through the pillows; some sewed with this fabric, some we already owned and this berry pillow to act as as the cherry on top.

We already had a set of four natural wood frames purchased from Target a few years ago.  They were definitely staying in the mix, but being moved to the area above the bed.  They would be filled with a little Mr. & Mrs. DIY art project.

The previous rug was always just a placeholder until we could find something that would make more of a statement.  I am so happy we waited for a few years before making a decision (there have been a lot I have fallen for over the years and by waiting I was able to narrow it down to one I continuously went back to).  Thank goodness for Rugs USA's recent Labor Day sale, I was able to score 70% off this navy block one.

We love using a dresser in our room to hold all of our bedroom and bathroom linens for the lower level, so that storage needed to remain.  In the spirit of using what we have, we planned on doing a dresser switcharoo by giving our oldest son's dresser a few fresh coats of glossy white paint.  His dresser had cleaner lines and deeper drawers, so it was a perfect solution.

I have always loved these beautiful high end gourd lamps, we created our version of those last year.  They were not going anywhere, just being shuffled a bit.

To mimic the wood toned frames above the bed, I wanted to bring in similar tones on the opposite side of the room.  Adding this beautiful mirror would not only bounce a lot of extra light around our lower level bedroom, it would bring in oodles of warmth at the same time.   And with great coupons floating around lately, I was able to get it for a steal of a deal.

And what girl wouldn't love these blingy, beautiful Kate Spade stacking boxes?  We began adding coral to our dressing room this past spring, and these boxes would help pull everything together.  And although I had whipped up some Kate Spade inspired boxes back here, this time I was able to DIY a pretty spot on look.

Our window always had some white blinds to block morning light and provide a little privacy, but to finally bring in some softness we planned to install a simple white roman shade (found on Amazon marketplace).

Funny thing is that the beaded chandelier was the first project we completed for this makeover and I really loved it.  Then, once everything started coming together, it was the one thing that wasn't working for me.  I continued to fight it up until the very last minute, at which point I was grateful that the project was easily reversible.  So for now the light fixture is going back to normal.  It's always hard to make those mistakes, especially in front of the entire internet world, but you never know unless you try.

Now that you can see my plan for the master bedroom refresh, tomorrow I am going to share how it all came together.  I know I always say that each new project is my favorite, but since finishing our room last week, I can't seem to stay out of it.