Yesterday I shared our plans for a little Master Bedroom refresh we have been working on.  The updated bedroom is filled a few smaller, yet very simple DIY projects, and I will share more specifics regarding those in an upcoming post.  For today, I am just excited to share the room I have been oohing and ahhing over since late last week. 

The bedroom isn't the easiest to photograph because our giant bed takes up so much of the room, making it nearly impossible to get a full shot.  But hopefully I maneuvered myself into enough odd positions and angles that you will get an idea of some of the changes we have made.  Fresh from the camera today, say howdy to our new space!

It is always fun seeing the idea and plan come to life!

I shared all of the sources and details within yesterday's post here, and in an upcoming post I will share specific ways we found savings throughout the space.

Today, sit back with your beverage of choice and enjoy the tour.

After I spotted this art print from Minted, I knew it would be perfect for the room.  I also noticed that it contained many of the same colors we have been slowly integrating room by room within our home.  It was a winner!  It was also the driving force behind this room update.

We didn't have to change much as the room previously had pretty good bones and was on the right track.  The goal was to bring in a few new layers of color and to streamline existing pieces.  We are not getting younger, and it was time that our room felt more our age.

So I folded up the previous duvet and popped it into our linen drawer (for the next time I am itching for a change), and pulled out our white comforter.  I actually much prefer the comforter as it is promoting daily bed making.  Duvets tend to shift (even when clipped or tied on the inside corners), while the comforter just pulls right up nice and easy each morning without the fuss of wrinkles and straightening.

Up until last week, we only had a set of white faux wood blinds covering our window.  I found an inexpensive roman shade on Amazon's marketplace, and made a few modifications to it so that it would be more custom to our space.

I love how the greek key embellishment mimics the angles and patterns used throughout the rest of the room.

{this photo was taken in the mirror - which is why everything is opposite}

We still have our navy blue lamps, and although I am typically a girl who defaults to symmetry, a task lamp makes much more sense at my bedside.  I like to work and read and write while laying in bed in the evenings, so I made sure to accommodate that part of my daily routine.

I also added a basket that can now hold all of my bedside clutter.

Bryan uses one of the lamps on his side of the bed, while the other was moved to the dresser across the way.

Speaking of dresser... I can't even begin to say enough about the difference that was made to the room by swapping out the old blue dresser for this new-old white dresser!

The dresser is an old hand-me-down and has lived in our family for years.  It was previously in our son's bedroom, however, he no longer needed it (more on that in a later post).  I left the dings and dents to preserve a little character and history, but coated the entire thing with a glossy white paint.  It completely modernized the piece and brightened the entire room.  I also gave the previous hardware a coat of gold spray paint.

The mirror has an absolutely gorgeous detailing, and the warmth of the wood is a sweet balance to the sleek dresser.  It also mimics the wood tone within the frames above the bed.

The art within the frames was another DIY.  I love how the gold foil glistens in the sun and the black ties together the chandelier and the ribbon on the shade.

I also made a few changes within the adjoining dressing room.  Nothing drastic in there, just took out the yellows and replaced the busy fabric on the jewelry board with a natural linen.

I also whipped up some pretty storage boxes to conceal a bit of my shelving clutter.  They just may be my most favorite part of the whole makeover! #storagenerd

As I always say, no room is ever deemed complete.  Someday I will invest in better overhead lighting and install crown molding, but one day, one project at a time.  For now, this sums up all of the changes and tweaking (not to be confused with twerking) we have been making over the past couple of weeks.

I am loving the bold new colors and how they flow with the rest of our playful home.  A combination of a few new items paired with a lot of DIY and crafting and we have ourselves a more grown up and finished place to rest our heads.  It was just what the Dr. ordered!

I will be back soon with more details behind the many different items we DIY'd within the room to save on budget.