I have been loving this Quick Tip Tuesday series because it has given me an excuse to take a break from our big home improvement projects and focus on the fun and quick little organizational hits.  This week's tip comes requested by a sweet reader on Facebook, who asked if I could share how we organize our batteries.

Of course I will I thought...  After I finally get them organized!  

With three little boys, batteries are a daily topic.  Between remote control toys and video game controllers, we always have random batteries laying around.  And what is more frustrating than putting new batteries into something, only to find out they are fully drained?  I know, BIG problems.

In the past, I had a small, lidded bin of batteries that lived in our entryway drawer.  It was always empty, and the storage wasn't enough to house any of our larger sized options.  I was excited to finally put a better system in place this week.

I started with a compartment organizer.  These boxes are the best for organizing anything small.  Think hair accessories, jewelry, small hardware, crafts, beads... You can find these containers at most stores or on Amazon here.

The main thing I looked for is that the inside offered adjustable compartments.  This would allow me to create appropriately sized areas for each variety of battery to be stored.

First, I completely removed the lid from the box.  My number one tip with any organizing project is to think about how likely you will be to maintain a system.  When I thought about past attempts at organizing small items, such as batteries, I have failed because there were too many steps to access the system.  If my family has to open a drawer, take out a bin, open the lid, etc... I have failed them and myself.  So this time I planned on creating a system that was much easier, and that included a lid-less organizer.

Then I put my little touch on it.  It wouldn't be an iHeart Organizing project if I didn't add a little paper to the bottom....

{ paper affixed with Mod Podge to the bottom side of the container }

 ... as well as gold labels to each compartment.

{ labels created with my label maker and gold label tape }

The most important thing to know when storing your batteries is that the ends should not touch other batteries or anything metal.  That can cause the batteries to become activated and drain their power.  So if anything, this storage will ensure our batteries last longer and that they are being stored in a safer manner.

The adjustable compartments in this case keep the ends from coming in contact with one another.  It also allowed me to divide the batteries out by size and type, and even holds the awkwardly shaped wall charger.

The back empty compartment can act as a place for the boys to toss batteries that require charging (because 99% of the time they move too quickly to actually do it themselves), and saving the dividers will also allow us to reconfigure the case if we ever need to do so down the road.

* BONUS TIP courtesy of reader lornamarga - add a screwdriver to your battery kit, a necessity when swapping out batteries is most toys! *

I placed the lid and extra divider pieces under the case, and popped it in a drawer in our family room.  Now the kiddos can open the drawer and see everything at a glance.  No case to take out or open, it is all right there ready to be raided. 

So thank you dear reader for getting me "charged" up to get this little project done.  It was super quick and easy to put together and my fingers are crossed that it is also simple enough for the entire family to maintain. 

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